Stepvan, Walkin Van, & Food Truck Parts

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  • Part Number: 30-740

    Rubber socket door holder with black plastic plunger. A steel plate is inserted in the rubber socket for extra strength and is thread... more

  • Part Number: 29-316

    14" Leaf type aluminum hinge with grease fitting, without gussets.

  • Part Number: 51-143

    Heater motor with 7" attached mounting plate. Has a 2-spade connections for wire harness plug (not included). Popular on 19... more

  • Part Number: 20-941

    20" Curbside spring assembly (overall length 27" assembled).

  • Part Number: 54-569

    Heater control water valve with actuator. Fits Utilimaster.

  • Part Number: 20-940

    20" Roadside spring assembly (overall length 27" assembled).

  • Part Number: 73-195

    Black, 3-point seat belt. Mounts to seat posts or bulkhead. Overall length 145".

  • Part Number: 29-125

    Nylon Lower Door Guide, 51-1/2"L x 2"W x 11/16"H. Must be cut to length and can be used in place of 29-121 or 29-122.

  • Part Number: 44-500

    JENSEN 6.2" Double DIN In-Dash Multimedia System with built-in Bluetooth and touchscreen technology

  • Part Number: K-4168-X

    Chrome push-button locking rear door handle, 5/16" x 3-3/4" shaft, 2-3/8" mounting centers (Genuine Kason).

  • Part Number: 50-573

    Heater Core, 14-1/8"L x 6"W x 2-1/2"D, 5/8" intel/outlet.

  • Part Number: 81-916

    40 Gallon Fuel Tank, fits 1998-03 Workhorse Chassis, Dim:28-1/4 x 34-3/4 x 12-1/2". For gas engines use fuel pump 81-811. For diesel ... more

  • Part Number: T-9162

    1" Steel Roller for Diamond, Todco and Whiting (General Purpose) Roll Up Doors.

  • Part Number: 54-560

    Electric water shut off valve with 5/8" inlet/outlet. This service replacement valve package is intended to replace the old version o... more

  • Part Number: 37-276

    Right (passenger side) Sliding window with black frame. Replaces the original sliding window on a Utilimaster with window openin... more

  • Part Number: 32-336

    10" Rubber Draw Latch, 'Aerolatch'. Constructed of rubber and nylon. Mounting holes 1" center to center. 10" when latched, 9-1/4" at rest.

  • Part Number: 31-140

    Gas hood shock with lock, 20-1/4"L extended.

  • Part Number: 89-845

    Power Steering Gear Box that fits GM P-Series and Workhorse chassis stepvans. Uses O-ring design hoses. Four bolt mount design. This ... more

  • Part Number: 36-974

    Integral turn signal switch. That fits Freigtliner MT Series.

  • Part Number: 81-949

    33-5/8" fuel tank strap for 14" side mount tanks shown on this page. If you have a 12" high tank use 81-946


Stepvan, Walkin Van, and Food Truck parts have been our specialty for over 30 years! We're the number one supplier of parts for those vehicles and for good reason. It doesn't matter if you own a Grumman Olson, Morgan Olson, Utilimaster, Union City Body, Supreme Body, Workhorse, GM, Ford, International, or Freightliner, we've got the parts to keep your truck on the road.

Stepvans have mostly been used as delivery vehicles over the years. Recently, there has been a rise in food trucks; or stepvans that have been built or modified into mobile restaurants. You may see these vehicles at your local fair, festival, concert, or anywhere around town! If you own a food truck and need to make sure your food truck stays mobile, we have the parts for you! Our discount prices and fast shipping mean you won't break the bank and you'll have your food truck back up and rolling fast!