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  • 5.7" Rear View LCD Color Monitor for a Wired System

    Part Number: 44-161

    5-7/8" rear view LCD color monitor for a wired system with 2 camera inputs.

  • 45 Gallon Roadside (Left Side) Fuel Tank

    Part Number: 81-966

    45 Gallon Roadside (Left Side) Tank, 51"L x 20"W x 14"H. Filler neck centered 19" from rear end of tank. That fits Freightliner MT45.... more

  • Rubber Hold Down with Catch

    Part Number: M-1215-101

    Rubber holddown with catch. Overall length 4-3/4" from center of pin to top of handle

  • 2-Piece 'Y' pipe

    Part Number: 57-280

    2-Piece 'Y' pipe. Fits 4.8L and 6.0L Workhorse Chassis. These pipes will eliminate the 'football flange' and fix the breakage problem... more

  • Wiper Motor On 1991 and Newer

    Part Number: 49-006

    Wiper motor, 2 speed, Coast to Park. with 3/8" splined shaft. Used on trucks 1991 and newer. Call with your VIN number before orderin... more

  • Radiator

    Part Number: 80-881

    Radiator for Freightliner MT45.  Brass and Copper Construction

  • Locking Push-Button Handle (Genuine Kason)

    Part Number: K-168-B

    Rear Door Locking Handle, Black, with large mounting plate, 5/16" x 3-3/4" shaft. Key is required to lock. Turn key to push button to... more

  • Hingeless Aluminum 2-Way Vent

    Part Number: T-23170-AL

    Hingeless Aluminum 2-way vent, Door Size: 9-1/2" x 4", Overall: 12" x 6 1/2".

  • 95" Wide x 12" Deep Rear Step Bumper

    Part Number: 83-194

    95" Wide x 12" Deep rear step bumper with grip strut surface. Powder coated white. Universal fit for GM, Workhorse, Ford, Freightline... more

  • 90" Front Bumper

    Part Number: 85-528

    Front bumper 90"L x 11"H. Fits Utilimaster body with Freightliner chassis. This bumper is universal in design and can replace all sty... more

  • 40 Gallon Gas or Diesel Fuel Tank

    Part Number: 82-015

    40 Gallon tank for unleaded gas or diesel fuel. Fuel sender now bolts on instead of the original snap ring style. Tank includes a tab... more

  • Seat Slide Set (for 1 Seat)

    Part Number: 70-990

    Seat Slide Set (for 1 seat). Mounting holes on 11-1/2" centers, studs on 11" centers. Includes mounting hardware. Seat slides are inc... more

  • All Black Vinyl High Back Seat

    Part Number: 70-040

    All Black Vinyl High Back Seat with slides and arms, without lumbar support. A high back seat provides relief to long hours of drivin... more

  • Locking Side Door Handle (Genuine Kason)

    Part Number: K-4001

    Locking Handle with Push-Button Lock, 3/8" x 1-15/16" shaft (Genuine Kason)

  • 4" Louver

    Part Number: 55-355

    4" Louver with 2-1/4" duct size and 3" hole size

  • Fuel Pump and Sending Unit Assembly

    Part Number: 81-891

    Fuel pump and sending unit assembly that fits 2004-on Workhorse Chassis with 6.0L gas engines. Has single electrical plug-in on top o... more

  • 2-Speed Intermittent Wiper Switch

    Part Number: 49-308

    2-Speed intermittent wiper switch with 8-way Packard male connector. Controls 2 motors push to wash. (without dynamic park). Works wi... more

  • Orange, 3-point seat belt

    Part Number: 73-160

    Orange, 3-point seat belt. Mounts to seat posts or bulkhead. Overall length 145".

  • Turn Signal and Dimmer Switch

    Part Number: 36-953

    Turn signal and dimmer switch with 4 male spade plug connector. Popular on Fedex Ground trucks.

  • 14" Leaf Type Aluminum Hinge

    Part Number: 29-320

    14" Leaf type aluminum hinge with gussett & zerk fitting that fits Utilimaster