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Disclaimers and Important Information

Shipping Information

  • Your credit card will not be charged until your order has been shipped and only for the items that are shipped. Should your order contain out of stock or special order items, you will be charged separately when those are shipped.
  • Most orders received before 4:00 PM EST are shipped same day. Orders placed after 4:00 PM EST are normally shipped the next business day.
  • Items listed as out of stock are either special order items or out of stock. Expected stock status or lead time is listed but not guaranteed.
  • Unlike many products sold on the web, (books, CD"s, clothes, computer parts, etc.), auto body parts rarely fit into small boxes. Carriers charge a dimensional weight based on the size of a box. In many cases a RH & LH panel or two seats can be shipped for the same price as one. In an estimate, we have to guess at some of the combinations so the actual shipping could be more or less.
  • If the shipping is not marked as an estimate and if costs much more to ship we may contact you with a new rate.To learn more click here.
  • There is a crating charge for hoods ($30.00) and some fenders and doors ($20.00) that are shipped via freight. This is for extra packaging to prevent damage in transit.

Shipping Estimates and Air Shipments

  • Shipping costs are extremely sensitive to size, weight, and shipping method which means that we must try our best to estimate shipping costs for each order.
  • AIR SHIPMENTS are even more sensitive to the dimensional weight and can cause huge fluctuations in shipping costs.
  • UPS and FEDEX have additional charges for oversized items (60" long or second side over 30") or over 70#. We do our best to figure this into our estimates, however, combining parts into one package may result in oversized or overweight boxes.
  • There are also parts we do not have size or weight information; these weights and sizes are estimated. Over 90% of the non-air packages of which we know the weights will go out within a dollar of the estimate.

USPS Disclaimer

  • USPS does not provide detailed tracking information and is very expensive to insure. They also take 3-6 months to process a claim and we rarely receive payment.
  • If you choose USPS and the package does not arrive or is damaged in transit, USPS will not reimburse us. That means that we cannot cover your loss.
  • We will be responsible for a loss if we (Mill Supply) chooses to ship via USPS.
  • We will provide a tracking number and the date the order was shipped.
  • If the risk of loss is not acceptable, please choose another carrier.

Freight Disclaimer

When receiving items shipped via freight, please thoroughly inspect for damages before signing the bill of lading. Open and inspect the shipment, reporting any damages to the carrier immediately and Mill Supply within 3 days. Retain EVERYTHING until the issue has been resolved. Signing a bill of lading without an indication of damage eliminates the possibility of reimbursement.

Here is a to-do list when receiving your freight shipment:

  1. Inspect container for damages. Note any damages on the bill of lading.
  2. Open container and inspect contents for damages. Should there be damaged items, report to the carrier immediately.
  3. Note all information regarding damages on the bill of lading.
  4. Should there be damaged items, report the damages to Mill Supply within 3 days.

Return Policy

If You are Not Satisfied with Your Merchandise

  • If you are not satisfied with the parts you received, call the sales department within 30 days of delivery for a return authorization number. Do not return parts without an invoice and authorization number!
  • A 10% restocking fee is charged to all returned parts unless the part is defective, damaged in transit (see below), or shipped in error. In these cases, there will be no restocking charge and we will issue a return label for the merchandise.
  • Any part returned must be in NEW-SALE condition as determined by our returns department. Parts that have been disassembled, drilled, welded, cut, painted, or modified in any way cannot be returned. Any incomplete kit returned will not be given credit.
  • The purchaser is responsible for the packaging of the returned merchandise. Be sure your return package is wrapped properly to avoid the loss of small parts or parts being damaged in transit.
  • A credit will be issued for returned merchandise. Upon your instructions, we will issue a refund check provided your payment has cleared the bank. If the merchandise was paid by credit card we will issue a credit immediately.

Five Easy Steps to Return Merchandise


  1. Call the sales department for a return authorization number - 800-888-5072. Have your invoice with you when calling.
  2. Return in original box or container. If not available, please use a strong corrugated carton, wrap well.
  3. Include the completed return form (located on the back of your invoice), inside the package you are returning, noting the part numbers, quantity and reason for return.
  4. Ship prepaid to: Mill Supply Returns, 19801 Miles Rd., Cleveland, OH 44128 (insure your package if the value warrants). We will issue a return label if it is our error; read the RETURN POLICY.
  5. Include your name and phone number where you can be reached during the day.

Damaged Merchandise


Damages or shortages should be reported immediately, but must be reported within 7 days. Examine and count all merchandise carefully. If parts arrive damaged, contact us immediately (be sure to keep all packaging materials). The claims inspector will not accept responsibility for damaged merchandise without seeing the carton it was shipped in. Mill Supply is not responsible for damaged merchandise that cannot be properly examined by the claims inspector. Multiple package shipments may not arrive on the same day.



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