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  • Part Number: 81-942

    65 Gallon Roadside (Left Side) Tank, 74"L x 20"W x 14"H. This one tank will fit 2 applications with the option of 2 filler neck openi... more

  • Part Number: 81-933

    Fuel tank, 60 gallon, that fits Freightliner MT 45/55. This replaces the original rear 'center' mount tank. On the outside this tank ... more

  • Part Number: 81-966

    45 Gallon Roadside (Left Side) Tank, 51"L x 20"W x 14"H. Filler neck centered 19" from rear end of tank. That fits Freightliner MT45.... more

  • Part Number: 82-015

    40 Gallon 'Short' tank for unleaded gas or diesel fuel (Measures 13" tall). Popular on the 2004 and up Workhorse chassis. The fuel se... more

  • Part Number: 81-891

    Fuel pump and sending unit assembly for 2004-2009 Workhorse chassis with 6.0l gas engines. Has single electrical plug-in on top of un... more

  • Part Number: 81-949

    33-5/8" fuel tank strap for 14" side mount tanks shown on this page. If you have a 12" high tank use 81-946

  • Part Number: 81-893

    Fuel pump and sending unit assembly that fits 2004-on Workhorse Chassis with 4.8L gas engines. Has two electrical plug-in on top of u... more

  • Part Number: 81-916

    40 Gallon Fuel Tank, fits 1998-03 Workhorse Chassis, Dim:28-1/4 x 34-3/4 x 12-1/2". For gas engines use fuel pump 81-811. For diesel ... more

  • Part Number: 82-017

    40 Gallon 'Tall' Fuel tank for the 2010 and on Workhorse chassis for unleaded gas (Measures 16.75" tall). Fuel filler is 5" from... more

  • Part Number: 81-811

    Fuel Pump and Sending Unit Assembly, 1998-on Workhorse Chassis, 5.7L, 350 c.i. Gas Engines. The filter on this sending unit extends t... more

  • Part Number: 81-956

    30 Gallon Roadside (Left Side) Tank, 34.5"L x 20"W x 14"H. Filler neck centered 5" from rear end of tank. That fits Freightliner MT45... more

  • Part Number: 81-819

    Fuel pump module for 82-017 tank

  • Part Number: 81-930

    1-1/2" x 6" Diesel fuel filler neck with green cap. This filler neck reduces from 2" at the filler cap to 1-1/2" where the hose would... more

  • Part Number: 81-906

    40 Gal. Fuel Tank, 87-97 P-Chassis with fuel injection. Dim: 28-1/4" x 34-3/4" x 12-1/2". Filler located in corner of tank. Uses stra... more

  • Part Number: 81-992

    45 Gallon Curbside (Right Hand) Fuel Tank, 51"L x 20.5"W x 14"H. Filler tube centered 4" from rear edge of tank. Fits Freightliner ch... more

  • Part Number: 81-977

    Fuel tank strap, lower half that fits 81-933 center mount tank.

  • Part Number: 81-968

    1-3/4" Fuel filler tube extension, 9" vertical and 17" horizontal with 5/8" vent tube. Used with gas or diesel fuel.

  • Part Number: 81-931

    2" Diameter x 4" long Diesel Fuel Filler Neck with 5/8" Vent Uses a Round flange with predrilled holes. A Green Diesel Cap is include... more

  • Part Number: 81-983

    Unleaded gas filler neck with non-locking fuel cap. 90 degree filler tube neck reduces down to 1-3/4" and has 5/8" vent tube. Use wit... more

  • Part Number: 81-973

    Fuel tank, 35 gallon, that fits Freightliner MT, 2003 and newer. This tank replaces the original tank that was 35 gallon. On the outs... more


Fuel tanks have been a focus of Mill Supply as of late. We are constantly updating and adding to our current product lines to try and better serve our customers. Several of our fuel tanks are manufactured for Mill Supply. They are made with the same dimensions as the outside as the original tanks but are superior in construction compared to the original tanks. We also carry fuel tank straps and sending units.


The outside of our tanks are treated with Corsol to provide the best in anti-corrosive metal treatment. Corsol is an extremely stable water based electrochemical that prevents corrosion. It stands up extremely well in automotive applications with high anti-corrosive properties and is galvanically non-conductive, allowing dissimilar metals to be fastened together without concern for accelerated galvanic corrosion around joining surfaces.


Our tanks are Aluminized which is unaffected by diesel fuel. Diesel fuel is not always absent of water and particulate contamination, allowing an all steel tank to corrode on the inside. Aluminum is metallurgically bonded to the steel by hot dipping; it protects the steel by not allowing water contamination to penetrate into the steel tank.

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