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Meyer Plow Troubleshooting Guide

This troubleshooting guide is primarily for Meyer E46 , E47 and E60 units.

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Helpful Tips

Solenoid Check: To check your "A", "B", and "C" solenoid coils for magnetism use a screwdriver by placing it on the nut securing the coil. You should feel a magnetic pull when the switch is operated.

Cleaning Tip: Kerosene is the best method for cleaning parts and flushing the system. Kerosene will not damage the O-rings and will mix with the oil if any is left on the parts. To properly clean the system the power angling rams must be emptied and flushed with kerosene

  • A-Solenoid - Black wire
  • B-Solenoid - Red wire
  • C-Solenoid - Green wire

These are the most common problems, the next step is to disassemble the unit. If you are not familiar with disassembling the unit, we suggest you take it to a qualified technician.

These tips are suggestions only and will not solve all problems related to the Meyer® E46 & E47 units. This is not a substitute for a factory trained person with experience



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