Pedestals and Slides

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  • SKU: 40-708

    Tilt Top Seat Pedestal. Seat platform tilts forward to allow more access behind seat. Height adjusts from 17.5" to 20.5" in 1.5" incr... more

  • SKU: 40-709

    Fixed Top Seat Pedestal. Seat adjusts from 17.5" to 20.5" in 1.5" increments height. Seat belts fasten directly to pedestal. This is ... more

  • SKU: 72-100

    Auxiliary rotating seat pedestal in 360 degrees, adjusts 8- 3/4" to 11- 3/4", Tilted.

  • SKU: 72-150

    Adaptor Plate used with high back seats in Grumman Olson only. Requires a flat surface mount to. If you converting from a tubular fra... more

  • SKU: 70-990

    Seat Slide Set (for 1 seat). Mounting holes on 11-1/2" centers, studs on 11" centers. Includes mounting hardware. Seat slides are inc... more

  • SKU: 70-993

    Detent pull pin for seat height adjustment. 1/2" x 4"

  • SKU: GS-108-19

    Lock spring for seat adjustment pin 70997. 7/8" Dia x 4" L

  • SKU: 70-999

    3/4" EMT Clamps with one hole. (4 per pack)


When replacing an original seat and there is not a flat surface for your new seat to mount to then a Freedman new seat pedestal is required. All of our high back seats require a flat surface to mount. Seat pedestals come with a fixed top, tilt top and rotating top. All models adjust in height. We also carry an adapter plate used with high back seats in Grumman Olson only. If you are converting from a tubular frame seat with a built in pedestal our adapter plate with a flat top surface is needed. The square shaft will fit into your existing floor pedestal mount on your Grumman.



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