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Stepvan Passenger Jump Seats

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The type of passenger seating we carry is called 'jump seats'. The seat cushion is mounted on seat bracket that flips up and out of the way when not in use. When in the stored position the seat extends less than 6 inches from the wall. These removable seats can be taken from one vehicle and transferred to another. They install in 'seat pockets' which are aluminum channels mounted to the back footwell of the truck. A tether strap connects the seat to the floor in case the truck is flipped, stopping the seat from sliding out. Seat belts are included with each seat. Jump seats come in two sizes, narrow width that use posts on 8" centers and wide width that uses posts on 10" centers. The narrow seat has 14" wide x 12" deep bottom cushion and 12" wide x 8" high back cushion. The wide seat has 18" wide x 12" deep cushion and a much larger 18" wide x 16" high back cushion. This type of seat is only used for temporary passenger seating and is not recommended for full time use.



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