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Seat Belts for Stepvans

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A seat belt or seatbelt, sometimes called a safety belt, is a safety harness designed to secure the occupant of a vehicle against harmful movement that may result from a collision or a sudden stop. Seat belts are intended to reduce injuries by stopping the wearer from hitting hard interior elements of the vehicle. Seat belts also absorb energy by being designed to stretch during any sudden deceleration, so that there is less speed differential between the passenger's body and their vehicle interior, and also to spread the loading of impact on the passenger's body. A lap belt is an adjustable strap that goes over the waist. This type of belt is popular when used with passenger seating (jump seats) in step vans. Three-point seat belts are also available for step vans and most popular in the driver's seat. Three-point seat belts are infinitely adjustable as they are usually one continuous length. A 3-Point belt helps spread out the energy of the moving body in a collision over the chest, pelvis and shoulders. Mill Supply carries lap belts and three-point belts. Lap belts are non-retractable, or retractable, and 3-point belts are retractable with a shoulder strap.



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