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V-Blade Cutting Edges for Fisher Snow Plows

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Using the Fisher EZ-V and XV V-Plow can cut plow time by 30 percent compared to a straight edge plow. By individually controlling the angle of half the blade at one time greatly increases productivity. Having cutting edges that are not worn are imperative to efficient plowing. Mill Supply carries the cutting edges and centers for Fisher EZ-V and XV plows.

The Fisher EZ-V Plow cutting edges can be purchased in half sections and are available for the 8'-6" and 9'-6" plows. In the center there is a rubber flap. The rubber center flap and the left or right flap mounting plate can also be purchased separately. The Fisher XV plows use an all steel blade. The centers are sold as a set with mounting bolts and the outer cutting edges can be purchased driver or passenger side. They are available for the 7.5', 8.5' and 9.5' plows.



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