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Plow Parts for Diamond Snow Plows

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Mill Supply carries a variety of parts that fit Diamond Snow Plows. Products include cutting edges, shoe assemblies, torsion and trip springs, blade guides, lift and angle cylinders, hoses and fittings, motors, battery connectors, cables, solenoid valve assemblies, hydraulic pump and fluid.

Diamond plows were started by people who left Fisher and are now owned by Meyer Products. The unique feature of the Diamond plow was the aggressive curve with a good trip edge. This heavy duty plow is a fine choice for the small business and independent snow plower. Originally they used under-the-hood hydraulic pumps to run the plows but that is no longer the case. They have adjustable spring tension which allows for much smoother trip action. Also the attack angle is much more versatile, providing good back dragging as well as good snow flow and ice peeling capabilities.



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