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Parts for Dover Roll-Up Door

Parts for Dover Roll-Up Door

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  • 1
    Lath Section

    Part Number: 21-4327S

    Lath section, satin anodized finish, priced per foot

  • 1
    Lath Section

    Part Number: 21-4327B

    Lath section, brushed anodized finish, priced per foot

  • 2
    Lath seal

    Part Number: 21-4305

    Lath seal, priced per foot

  • 3
    End Spacer

    Part Number: 21-4308

    End spacer, each

  • 5
    End Lock

    Part Number: 21-4307

    End lock, each

  • 6
    Pivot Assembly

    Part Number: 21-4374

    Pivot assembly with Stainless Steel rivets, kit

  • 11
    Bottom Wheel

    Part Number: 21-4309

    Bottom wheel, each

  • 15
    Bottom Seal

    Part Number: 21-4306

    Bottom seal, priced per foot

  • 16
    Lock Cam

    Part Number: 21-4385

    Lock cam with 5mm black rivets, kit

  • 17
    Bottom Rail Extrusion

    Part Number: 21-4370A

    Bottom rail extrusion, priced per foot

  • 21
    Top gutter back seal

    Part Number: 21-4344S

    Top gutter back seal, priced per foot

  • 22
    Top Seal (Bulb Style)

    Part Number: 21-4390B

    Top seal (bulb style), priced per foot

  • 23
    Top Hinge with Cotter Pin and Rivets

    Part Number: 21-4326

    Top Hinge with Cotter Pin and Rivets

  • 24
    Barrel Clip with Rivets

    Part Number: 21-4326B

    Barrel Clip with Rivets, Kit

  • 32
    Side seal

    Part Number: 21-4316S

    Side seal, priced per foot

  • 33
    Infill Strip

    Part Number: 21-4350B

    Infill strip, black, top or bottom, priced per foot




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