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Stepvan Wiper Parts

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  • Part Number: 49-434

    20" Radial dry wiper arm, with 1/2" saddle. Fits saddle style blades, black.

  • Part Number: 49-004


  • Part Number: 49-512

    22" Radial dry wiper arm with 1/2" saddle. Fits saddle style blades, black.

  • Part Number: 49-472

    Wiper kit that fits Utilimaster with 78.5" wide body. Kit includes: wiper motor & mounting bracket, all linkage and linkage hardw... more

  • Part Number: AV-19660

    2 Wire pigtail harness. Used on 36-913 GM back-up light switch. Also used on 49-904, 49-907 & 49-910 complete washer reservoirs a... more

  • Part Number: 49-568

    22" Flex Wiper Blade, Clip on style, Black.

  • Part Number: 49-917

    Universal Washer Reservoir Pump motor. Popular on Union City Body and can be used on our 49-910 and 49-916 reservoirs. This pump fits... more

  • Part Number: 49-254

    Single nozzle, straight.

  • Part Number: 49-007

    Replacement Motor and Bracket Assembly, Roadside, 1995-96 (not OEM)

  • Part Number: 49-131

    Pivot shaft for factory Sprague wiper system, shaft length 1" with 5/8" pin length. LH or RH that fits Utilimaster (uses 49-717 hardw... more

  • Part Number: 49-008

    Replacement Motor and Bracket Assy, Curbside, 1995-96 (not OEM)

  • Part Number: 49-518

    26" Radial wet wiper arm, with 1/2" saddle. Fits saddle style blades, black.

  • Part Number: M-1620

    20" Flex Blade with 3/16" saddle. Black. Uses M5320 refills.

  • Part Number: AN-48-03

    Universal Wet Arm Kit for our part numbers AL-300-2, 49-522, 49-524, 49-508, 49-511 & 49-531.

  • Part Number: 49-033

    Universal Wiper Motor with 3" Shaft. The wiper motors we stock are 12 Volt, 2 speed with 3 spade terminals. No switch on motor. Can b... more

  • Part Number: 49-511

    22" Pantograph dry wiper arm with 3/16" saddle. Fits saddle style blades, silver.

  • Part Number: 49-304

    Wiper Switch, 4 blade terminals. Switch controls 1 motor. Has no wash feature. (without dynamic park).

  • Part Number: HF-18

    18" Rigid Wiper Blade with 3/16" saddle, (straight blade for flat windshield).

  • Part Number: 49-310

    Wiper Switch, 10 blade terminals switch controls. 2 motors push to wash (with dynamic park).

  • Part Number: 49-513

    18" Radial wet wiper arm, with 1/2" saddle. Fits saddle style blades, black.


Mill Supply carries a variety of parts for your stepvan's wiper system. We carry wiper blades, motors, switches, links, arms, fluid reservoirs, conversion kits and more! We’ve got you covered when your wiper system goes down or if you just need to replace your old blades with high quality wiper blades at discount prices. Our WCK-5 conversion kit can convert your below the windshield wiper system to an above the windshield wiper system. By moving the system above the windshield, it makes access to the system much easier.



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