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Stepvan Vents & Fans

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  • Exhaust Vent

    Part Number: 58-122

    Powered Exhaust Ventilator. Powered by a 12 volt motor (51-164), the exhaust fumes are ventilated at 100 CFM's to assure rapid expuls... more

  • Vent Rod Only

    Part Number: M-1655

    Vent Rod Only for V-648-Al

  • Switch Variable Speed

    Part Number: 53-719

    Switch variable speed

  • Aluminum Fan Blade

    Part Number: 52-065

    Aluminum fan blade 6-1/2" (See chart above)

  • Crank Handle for VT-1400 Roof Vent

    Part Number: 889-C

    Crank handle for VT-1400 roof vent. Screw not included.

  • Inside Grille Closure

    Part Number: 55-203

    Inside grille closure for 58-200, 58-122 and 58-212 vents. This grille closure is included with the 58-122 vent. It is not included w... more

  • Aluminum Fan Blade

    Part Number: 52-059

    Aluminum Fan blade, 6" (See chart above)

  • Non-Powered Exhaust Ventilator

    Part Number: 58-200

    Non-Powered Exhaust Ventilator. Designed for roof mount with leak proof seal. Measures 15"L x 9"W x 3-11/16"H and is primed and ready... more

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