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GM & Workhorse Stepvan Exhaust Systems

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Mill Supply's GM/Workhorse exhaust system line covers a vast amount of applications and it keeps on growing. We stock parts that fit from 1976 chassis' to today's most current chassis'. We also carry parts for the 1982-1994 6.2L diesel chassis as well as the 1995-present 6.5 liter diesel chassis. We make it a priority to be able to have the parts you need no matter how old or new your stepvan may be.

Our newest addition to our GM/Workhorse line is a two piece Y pipe. It fits the 4.8L and 6.0L Workhorse gasoline chassis'. Our staff designed this new Y pipe to eliminate the "football flange" design which is known for causing cracking by the manifold. The cracks by the manifold are a result of the flange design which does not enable the pipes to flex.



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