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Switches, Pigtails & Key Blanks

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Here at Mill Supply, we choose only the best products to offer to our customers. That is why we chose to stock and distribute Cole-Hersee switches for stepvans. Cole Hersee has been in business since 1924 manufacturing high quality electrical components.

Our Cole Hersee rocker switches are made specifically for stepvans and include rocking actuators. The switches snap into a rectangular hole in a mounting panel. We carry Cole Hersee switches in 2 or 3 terminals. Available with or without pilot lights, with blade terminals, come in wide bezel or narrow bezel and in a variety of circuitries; single pole single throw SPST; single pole double throw SPDT; on off.

Cole Hersee toggle switches are manually actuated by a mechanical lever or handle. Handles can be short or long, round our flat. A rubber cap can be added to allow the switch to be protected from the elements outside. Toggle switches are available in many different styles and sizes, and are used in countless applications. Many are designed to just be a dash board on/off switch while others provide the simultaneous actuation of multiple sets of electrical contacts. Mill Supply has a variety of Cole Hersee toggle switches that will cover most automotive applications whether it be a fan, light, or heater control. One example of a momentary toggle switch would be in lift gate controls. The switch would only have current going through while you were holding the lever and once you let go of the switch the power and lift gate would stop.



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