Cutting Edges for Boss Snow Plows

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The cutting edges we carry that fit the Boss Plows range in length from the 7'-6" (90") to the 10' (120"). Mill Supply carries the 3/8" and 1/2" for the shorter blades and the 1/2" thick for the larger 8' through 10' blades. Any blade 9' and below has 1/2" holes and use our 9 piece 1/2" dia. carriage bolt set. The larger 10 foot blades have 5/8" holes and can use our 12 piece 5/8" dia. carriage bolt set. If you have a V-Plow we also have cutting edges for the 7'6" V-Blade, 8'-2" V-Blade, 9'-2" V-Blade and 10' V-Blade. . These replacement high-carbon steel cutting edges have high wear resistance due to superior surface hardness. Most of our cutting edges can be shipped out to our customers the same day by U.P.S. or, if you are ordering more than one, it would be advantageous to ship by freight. Our blades and bolt kits replace OEM#s: STB03071, STB03002. STB03003, STB03242, STB07537, BAX00034, BAX00097, BAX00098, BAX00099, BAX07327 and BAX00096.



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