Hat Shaped Rotor, without ABS

Part Number: 510-790

Price: $116.40

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Hat shaped rotor, 6 hole, 15"Dia., 3.51"Height, 5.4"Center hole, without ABS


  • International 4700LPX1996-2001 Front
  • International 48001990-2001 Front
  • International 49001990-2001 Front
  • International 71001990-1995 Front
  • International Cargostar1985 Rear
  • International M1400 Metro II1987-1989 Rear
  • International M1600 Metro II1987 Front, Rear1988-1989 Front
  • International S16241980-1982 Front, Rear
  • International S16541984-1986 Front, Rear
  • International S1654LP1989 Front, Rear
  • International S17231980-1983 Front1984-1985 Front, Rear
  • International S17241980-1983 Front1984 Front, Rear
  • International S17531984-1989 Front, Rear
  • International S17541981-1983 Front1984-1989 Front, Rear
  • International S18531984-1989 Front
  • International S19541984-1989 Front
  • Kenworth T1702002-2007 Front, Rear
  • Kenworth T3702002-2012 Front, Rear
  • Peterbilt 3252008
  • 2010 Front2009 Front, Rear
  • Peterbilt 3302008-2010 Front, Rear
  • Peterbilt 3352008-2010 Front, Rear
  • Workhorse Custom Chassis W222001-2009 Front, Rear
  • Workhorse W202001-2009 Front, Rear
  • Workhorse W212007-2009 Front, Rear
  • Workhorse W222001-2009 Front, Rear

Estimated Shipping Dimensions: 15" x 15" x 4"

Weight: 41.08 lbs


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