Harmonic Balancer

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Harmonic balancer


  • Chevrolet 1988-2002
  • GMC 1988-2002
  • Workhorse
  • 1999 Workhorse P32 V8 395 6.5L; DIESEL Pulley
  • 1999 Workhorse P42 V8 395 6.5L; DIESEL Pulley
  • 2000 Workhorse P42 V8 395 6.5L; DIESEL Pulley
  • 2001 Workhorse P42 V8 395 6.5L; DIESEL Pulley
  • 2002 Workhorse P42 V8 395 6.5L; DIESEL Pulley
  • 2005 Workhorse P42 V8 395 6.5L; DIESEL Pulley
  • 2004 Workhorse P42 V8 395 6.5L; DIESEL Pulley
  • 2003 Workhorse P42 V8 395 6.5L; DIESEL Pulley

Product Specifications

Degree Markings:No
Drive Belt Type:Serpentine
Grade Type:Regular
Installation Hardware Included:Yes
Mount Hole Quantity:1
Package Contents:Balancer, 2 Woodruff Keys, Instruction Sheet
  1. Durable and sleek, Harmonic Balancers feature a stress-resistant rubber bond that withstands the damaging effects of heat, salt, ozone and general wear and tear.
  2. The ductile steel construction allows for improved tensile and impact strength, safeguarding the engine and maintaining fuel efficiency year after year.
  3. Harmonic Balancers undergo detailed dimensional checks of the full assembly and critical components to ensure the strength and integrity of the part.


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