3/16" Aluminum Monobolt Fastener with 5/16" Grip Range

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3/16" Dia. Aluminum Monobolt Fastener with 5/16" grip - Single-sided installation allows one operator to produce high quality structural joints - Designed to break flush with low profile head eliminating secondary finishing operations - Replaces conventional fasteners without compromising structural requirements - (100 pcs)

The Monobolt® rivet is a hole filling, multi-grip, structural breakstem rivet available in steel or aluminum construction. Multi-grip means the rivet has the capability to join component parts having a broad range of thicknesses, thus reducing inventory where a variety of rivet sizes might otherwise be necessary. Hole filling means the rivet will expand radially into the application hole to provide a strong, vibration resistant joint and compensate for irregular, oversized, slotted or misaligned holes. Also, it can stop sheet movement in applications with non-standard holes. However, the main feature of the Monobolt® rivet is an internal, mechanical lock of the rivet stem. A special nose tip with a cutting ring (anvil) is required. During installation, when the mandrel head comes in contact with the nose tip, the anvil cuts into and folds material from the mandrel head (skive) into a ledge located in the inner diameter of the rivet head. This prevents the mandrel from falling back through the rivet. Additionally, the locked stem forms a weather tight seal and provides a very strong, vibration resistant joint without the damage, electrical problems or rattling due to loose stems.

  • Excellent hole fill via radially expanded body provides very strong, vibration resistant joints and compensates for irregular, oversized, slotted or misaligned holes
  • Good sheet take-up performance for large gap closing capability
  • Stem mechanically locked into body avoids damage, electrical problems or rattling caused by loose stems
  • Multi-grip capability
  • High shear and tensile strength
  • Visible lock for quick and easy inspection
  • Wide choice of installation tools
  • One fastener can be used to replace several standard grip fasteners
  • Reduced fastener inventory and simpler stock control
  • Compensates for irregular, oversized, slotted or misaligned holes
  • Can stop sheet movement in non-standard holes
  • Large gap closing capability
  • Provides very strong, vibration resistant joints
  • No damage, electrical problems or rattling due to loose stems

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