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Traveling for 35 Years

December of 2019 a loyal customer of our stopped by for some parts. He has lived in a converted stepvan for 35 years. His home for the summer is Canada and during the winter months drives south to Florida and the lower western states to enjoy the warmer weather. He overwhelmed me with nothing but admiration for our company. Four years ago, he needed a rear end for his Grumman stepvan and was surprised he was able to drive by and pick up a rebuilt one we had in stock. The next day he had it installed. This past December he needed the triangular glass on the side front windshield, again we had it is stock, and he was on his way to Florida that evening after having installed at a local shop.

His van is converted into a mobile home with the entire interior done in oak with. He designed the entire layout of the interior to allow everything they need at their fingertips. One of the unusual things he converted, was to remove the sliding front doors and make them swing-out doors. The bed in the rear has easy access storage underneath and above and will convert to a couch if company is coming over. Being a mobile home, they have traveled all over North and South America and Europe (having their truck shipped overseas).

Kudos to you, Christa and Nathaly, we appreciate your business and hope you can enjoy your van for many more years with many more travels.



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