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BangkokStreet Food Truck

We own a small Thai take-away restaurant in the center of Amsterdam.(
For 7 years we are also active on the marked with our food trucks.
Started with traditional Thais food carts but that became to intensive. Looking for solutions our eyes were on the American market. What truck are used there? Quickly we decided to look for a stepvan style truck.
After 2 years searching we found one on the internet and a week later it was ours. A 2009 Grumman Olson / Oshkosh bread delivery with a 4BT Cummins engine. Only 60.000 miles. (US 10.000,-)
The whole rebuilding was done at a bodywork company and took us 3/4 of a year.  Cost around US 65.000,- Paint job was done by myself. 
The truck works specific in the summertime at food/music festival in Netherlands. This truck gives us so much working space. Especially with the extendable counter. We do around 300 till 350 servings an hour with 4 staff.
Look for us if you ever come to Amsterdam. Happy food trucking !
Khap Khun Khab



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