1974 P10 Chevrolet Stepvan

This is our 1974 Chevrolet P10 Step Van. It was purchased in January of 2018 from San Mateo, California as a replacement for my 1978 P10 which was totaled while undergoing repairs in a shop.
As a previous "shorty" owner, we knew that our search had to be pretty wide geographicaly. Living in Seattle and searching for over a couple of years, I located this aluminum bodied P10 in San Mateo, California. It's previous life was a garden supply shop van and a short stint as a hobby vehicle. As purchased, it was still in its delivery van garb. It was in a "well used" state so we decided to have it trucked up the coast. I am keeping the 250 CID Straight 6 engine intact.
The van went straight to the frame and axle shop for lowering, Chevy truck Rally Wheels were added and brakes replaced to ensure a safe vehicle. Next, some friends in the aircraft sheetmetal industry helped to remove the windows on the right side of the truck and replacing them with a solid sheetmetal wall. I was able to replace all of the door hardware with parts supplied from Mill Supply as the doors were in bad shape. Lastly, a trip to the paint booth for a vintage blue hue finish.
While not a commercial vehicle, it earns its keep with house, aircraft and auto projects. I appreciate the attention it gets around town, especially toddlers that look up to this big blue box on wheels rolling up to a crosswalk.

Kent and Madelaine from Seattle, Washington

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