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From the Junkyard to the Farmyard

From the junkyard to the farmyard. I acquired this 'miled-out', worn-out, 1988 Kurbmaster in 2009 somewhere between the Post Office and the junkyard. With lots of help and good advice from the good people at Mill Supply, I've been able replace or rebuild the windshield wipers the heaters (I have 2 because it's cold in the great white north), the steering, door tracks and handles, stainless steel mirrors, LED lights, and what seems like a million rivets. With a little carefully planned-out hacking and chopping and a new livery, its turned in to the most photographed truck in my neck of the woods.
The power train in this Chevy P30 has a new 379 cid. J code to replace the old one with the broken crank shaft, a rebuilt TH400 transmission plus a GV overdrive and I changed the corporate 14 bolt from it's original 4.10 ratio to 3.21 (not a big loss of power but better MPG). It doesn't take much of a tail wind to get 16, 18 or even 20 mpg on the highway at 60 mph so it's green.
P.S. Mills Supply ships all my orders to Canada hassle free and fast.  

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