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El Toro Rojo Grande "The Big Red Bull"

El Toro Rojo Grande, or The Big Red Bull serves as Glen and Roberta’s home for nine months of the year while they camp in remote wild areas in Baja, Mexico for six of those months. In the year 2000 they stayed up most of the night watching the Baja 2000 come through near where they camped. The remainder of the year is spent in a custom made concrete and steel tree house in a small Mexican fishing village. Type in 'Glen and Roberta Horn Treehouse' see this treehouse on YouTube.

30 years ago Glen bought this 1955 Chevy as just a shell of a vehicle. He designed the inside similar to the interior of a boat with the sleeping quarters above they call the penthouse loft. Mechanically, the van has 4x4 running gear on an International drive train. The engine is a 1967 304 V-8 with a 5 speed transmission and 2 barrel Holley carburetor. It purrs like a kitten!

The rig is known pretty much worldwide and has been in magazines and videos. Many people stop and take pictures of it as they pass by when they are camping and when passing through small Mexican towns in Baja.



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