Goodies Frozen Custard

Goodies Frozen Custard & Trucks; A 1950's inspired soda fountain. We make Legendary Wisconsin-style Frozen Custard and nostalgic treats. We cruise the streets while serving our nostalgic treats from "Gigi", a restored baby-blue-and-white 1952 IH Metro van. Back in the 50's many commercial vehicles didn't have seat belts or dual lockable doors and we've upgraded both using Mill Supply parts. Prior to becoming our Frozen Custard Cruiser, "Gigi" served as a military fleet van shuttling high-ranking military officials around the base. Owner Brandon Byrd, said "we love 'Gigi' and she has been a bright spot to many Washingtonians with her charm while delivering timeless old-fashioned treats." Her little brother, "Rudy" a short wheel base 1957 IH Metro Van, joined her curbside in 2015.

Mon-Fri 8AM - 5PM EST
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