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Hi guys,

I have just finished my big winter project. We have put in just under a 1000 hours into this unit. Let's start with the back story.

I'm a professional chef, farm boy and amateur engineer. I really like projects. I'll skip most of them and get to the relevant one. I built myself a food truck, it's called The Red Ember. It big, it's quite well known in our city (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada). We are very busy in our short (5 month) summer. I built it 3 years ago, the winter before last I converted a 53' reefer trailer into a commercial kitchen to keep up with the prep. It went well but we were missing a refrigerated van. This is where "Little Red" comes in. We took a 72' Olson Kurbmaster Jr that I found on Kijiji (Canadian version of Craigslist) and pulled the body off the chassis. Then I took a 2001 Chevrolet 3500 with a 6L gas engine, stripped the cab and deck off of it and chopped out 68" from the frame and welded it back together. After a bunch of wrangling, I dropped the van body on the frame and painted her up and slapped on some decals. We installed a thermo king b100 reefer into the insulated box. Added some wheels and exhaust, we now have a very fun to drive van that turns heads everywhere we go.

I had multiple orders from Mill Supply from seats, door handles to mirror and brackets. I was amazed I could find direct replacement parts for a 43 year old truck.




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