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SOGH Art Truck

Shawn buys quite a few parts from Mill Supply and thought it was about time he show off his hard work. The truck has a rebuilt 350c.i. engine and the odometer recently just turned 250,000 miles! So how do you take a big dark stepvan and show off art in it? Cut open the ceiling and cut out large side doors is how! On top of those large projects, he's also added a fold up staircase, mounted an adjustable sign, cabinets and more! You'd never tell what all the truck holds until he parks and opens it up. Just like a transformer!

"I'm a big time artist/painter around here based out of the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore. I got it in my head I wanted an Art Truck two years ago and one thing lead to another and randomly I found an awesome truck and started this new adventure! It's been a blast and it's an ongoing project - I bet in a year or so the truck will look different too. My buddy Kevin and I have had to focus on getting it functional first and slowly transforming it. It looks great the way it came but it needed a lot more work. It will be a rolling piece of art going down the street! If I'm lucky enough, I'm planning on getting several more art trucks up and running for a bunch of other artists out there in the world too."

Shawn and his truck are in the Baltimore/DC area. You can learn more about his business at



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