Circus Candy for You

My 'Circus Candy for You' truck is a 1979 Grumman Olson P-20 with a 350 ci. engine and a 400 turbo transmission. It has over 100,000 miles. The Truck belonged to R.J. Reynolds in Puerto Rico. When they changed the company's fleet of vehicle I purchased it, that was 20 years ago in 1994.

I use it to transport my trailer where I sell cotton candy, popcorn and candy apples. The Truck is invaluable to me. I and the truck are the same age. Both came into this world in 1979. We are both 35 years old as of 2014.

I purchased supplies from Mill Supply to replace heat insulation and rubber for the motor housing, emblems, and other things.

My business hours are weekends from 3:00pm to 3:00am in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Since I am located in the capital many tourists take pictures of my truck. What they do with them I don't know.

I am very happy and proud to have the 1979 truck 'Circus Candy for You'.

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