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Hodge Podge Truck

The Hodge Podge Food Truck was "born" in March of 2011. Chris had already brought the first food truck to Cleveland, Ohio the summer before (Dim and Den Sum). By March 2011 he had been selected to compete on the 2011 season of the Food Network's "Great American Food Truck Race". With only 10 days left before filming started in Los Angeles, the producers told Chris they needed a new food truck design since they already had an Asian themed truck committed. So, Chris designed a new comfort food truck to be called Hodge Podge. The actual truck was bought sight unseen, on-line, 5 days prior to filming. Chris arrived 2 days later, painted the truck black, equipped the kitchen, and spent all night putting on the logo wrappers. His sister Catie and then girlfriend (now wife) Jacquelyn joined him and they began filming the next day. Hodge Podge made it all the way across the country stopping to compete each weekend, and ended up in the finals in Miami where they lost by only 5 minutes. None-the-less, The Cleveland Hodge Podge team had built a huge following.

Since returning to Cleveland, the Hodge Podge truck is primarily used for special events and catering as one of the fixtures in Chris' catering company, Driftwood Catering. Catie still helps cook on the truck, and father John and father in law Ed keep it running smoothly. With three coolers, a bank of deep cycle batteries, a Micros order system, grills, deep fryer and specialty display areas, there is need for constant maintenance. After looking for truck parts on-line, we discovered that Mill Supply was right here in Cleveland! Even though the Hodge Podge is a bit older (circa 1988), Mill has never failed to find us the parts we need. With their help, we hope to keep Hodge Podge a part of the Cleveland food scene for years to come!



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