The Mobile Tool Crib

Bill Worth from Fargo, North Dakota enjoyed when we use to feature the 'Truck of the Month' years ago. When he saw that we were starting it again he thought it would be the perfect opportunity to show off his truck. This is his fourth van but his second Mac tool unit. It is a 1998 P-30 16ft. Grumman Olson that he purchased from a Mac dealer in Seattle, Washington. After an extensive makeover that included new seats, sound system, boot between cab and cargo area, tinting, suspension updates and custom paint it serves as his mobile tool crib. Talk about a sweet rig... and he never has to run for a tool. He is currently on the hunt for a larger unit to replace this one. Bill says he is glad to have Mill Supply as a source for his rigs. We're glad too Bill, thank you for the show.

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