Union City Body Wiper Parts

Union City Body Wiper Parts

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  • B

    Part Number: 40-156

    Wiper Motor, remanufactured, 1 year warranty, fits 1992 and newer UCB

  • D

    Part Number: 49-524

    13" to 18.5" Adjustable Wiper Arm with 3/16" saddle, silver. Fits over straight pivot shaft mount (not tapered). Pivot hole does not ... more

  • F

    Part Number: 49-525

    18" Wet arm with shepherds hook. (Wet arm components can be removed for dry arm.) Exact replacement (OEM) on UCBC Step Vans. Black in color.

  • G

    Part Number: 49-566

    18" Flex Wiper Blade, Clip on style, Black.

  • H

    Part Number: 49-318

    18" Winter flex blade uses clip or pin connector.

  • I

    Part Number: 49-917

    Washer pump with grommet that fits Union City Body. Uses original Packard connector plug. Grommet included for a water tight seal.