Stepvan Rubber Fenders

Stepvan Rubber Fenders

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  • A

    Part Number: M-1162-P

    Rubber fender, 2-1/4"H x 2-1/2"W, sold per foot.

  • A

    Part Number: M-1162-R

    Rubber fender, 2-1/4"H x 2-1/4"W, sold per 100 foot roll. All styles are made at a radius for easy application and are made with flex... more

  • B

    Part Number: M-1307-P

    Rubber fender, 1-11/32"H x 4"W, sold per foot.

  • B

    Part Number: M-1307-R

    Rubber fender, 1-11/32"H x 4"W, sold per 50 foot roll.

  • C

    Part Number: M-1306-P

    Rubber fender, mounts to wheel lip or uses M-1133 mounting strip. Extends 3-1/2" from body. Sold per foot.

  • C

    Part Number: M-1306-R

    Rubber Fender, mounts to wheel lip or use M-1133 mtg strip, extends 3-1/2" from body, 50 foot roll

  • D

    Part Number: M-1133

    Aluminum Mounting Strip 2" x 64" for M-1306, used with M-1134 brackets. Use one per fender.

  • E

    Part Number: M-1134

    Aluminum Mounting Brackets used with M-1133 mounting strip. Use at least 12 per fender.

  • N.I.

    Part Number: M-40256-P

    Large flange rivet to mount rubber fender.