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Utilimaster Stepvan Heater Parts

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  • Blower Wheel Housing

    Part Number: 55-225

    Blower wheel housing, (holes for resister and vent must be cut).

  • Heater Motor, 12 Volt, CW

    Part Number: 51-143

    Heater motor with 7" attached mounting plate. Has a 2-spade connections for wire harness plug 43-629 (not included). P... more

  • Heater Control Valve

    Part Number: 54-569

    Heater control water valve with actuator. Fits Utilimaster.

  • Heater Core Kit

    Part Number: 50-572

    Heater Core Kit for the SGS Frigette Heater. This heater core is only used with heater only units, it is not used if your unit has A/C.

  • AC Condenser for Utilimaster with Ford Chassis

    Part Number: 55-154

    AC condenser for Utilimaster with Ford chassis. 24.5" x 19"H, Must use your existing mounting brackets

  • Blower Housing Adaptor

    Part Number: 55-227

    Blower housing adaptor

  • Heater recirculating assembly cover

    Part Number: 55-248

    Heater recirculating assembly cover (less louver on bottom)

  • Control Module

    Part Number: 55-204

    Control module with or without A/C

  • Electric Servo Actuator

    Part Number: 54-598

    Electric Servo Actuator. Has 2 pin electrical connection.

  • Cable Operated Heater Valve

    Part Number: 54-591

    Cable operated heater valve. Pull to open. Remove cable bracket when used with servo actuator. 5/8" outlets.

  • Resistor, 4-Prong for SCS Frigette Victory Heaters & A/C

    Part Number: 51-527

    Resistor, 4-Prong for SCS Frigette Victory Heaters & A/C.

  • Blend Door Motor with Housing

    Part Number: 55-200

    Blend Door Motor with housing. Uses a 2 pin (side by side) connection. If used on a plenum use with housing; if used on evaporator, r... more

  • AC Condenser for Utilimaster with Freightliner Chassis

    Part Number: 55-174

    AC Condenser for Utilimaster with Freightliner chassis and Cummins engine, 25" x 26-1/4"

  • Heater/AC Control head

    Part Number: 51-762

    Heater/AC Control head, verticle 3 dial electrical with fan speed, temperature control and directional air flow. Replaces 17900746

  • 3-Speed Rotary Heater Switch

    Part Number: 53-647

    3-Speed Rotary Heater Switch: 3/8" threaded shaft length. Off-Low-Medium-High. 5 spade terminals. Fits Utilimaster vehicles.

  • Evaporator Coil

    Part Number: 55-164

    Evaporator coil that fits GM and Freightliner. Core Dimensions: 15"L x 8"T x 4"D. Overall Dimensions including outlet tubes: 17.5"L x... more

  • Evaporator Coil

    Part Number: 55-142

    Evaporator coil that fits Ford and Navistar. Core Dimensions: 15"L x 8"T x 4"D. Overall Dimensions including outlet tubes: 17.5"L x 1... more

  • Steel Blower Wheel

    Part Number: 52-042

    Blower wheel that fits AMFAB TC-2800 heater assembly.

  • Vertical 3 Dial Electrical Heater Control Switch

    Part Number: 51-766

    Vertical 3 dial electrical heater control switch with fan speed, temperature and direction air flow. Replaces 17900758

  • Plastic Blower Wheel

    Part Number: 52-071

    Plastic Blower Wheel, 5-5/8"Dia. x 3-5/8"W.

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