Back-Up Alarms - Stepvan

Back-Up Alarms - Stepvan

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    Part Number: 87-026

    Solid state 4" round back alarm is resistant to elements and fits into a 4" grommet. DOT law only requires one back-up lamp. Rated at... more

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    Part Number: 87-005

    97 Decibel Back Alarm, 4"W x 1-9/16"D x 2-1/2"H. Gives a clear warning to all who are behind your vehicle. Can be mounted on any... more

  • C

    Part Number: BA-1040

    Self-Adjusting Back Alarm, 5"W x 3-3/4"D x 3"H. Adjust itself from 87 to 112 decibels depending on the outside noise levels. If condi... more

  • E

    Part Number: 40700

    Mounting Grommet Only. Round Grommet to flush mount 4" lamps and back alarms.

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    Part Number: 94993

    3 Wire Right Angle Plug with 11" lead wires, stop, turn, tail. Ground wire has #10 ring terminal. Black and red wires are stripp... more