Adhesives & Sealants

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  • Part Number: 87-000

    Silaprene Adhesive/Sealant, bonds body panels, body seams, roofs. Adhesive will not allow panel to come loose. Used to mount or faste... more

  • Part Number: 87-014

    One-part Polyurethane Sealant. Used on roof and side ventilators, wiper transmission seals, and wherever you may want to remove hardw... more

  • Part Number: AV-1001

    Auveco automotive body sealer for exterior and interior body seams; can be painted. For use as a water and dust seal on exterior and ... more

  • Part Number: M-1378

    Sikaflex polyurethane adhesive sealant. Industrial grade. Excellent for aluminum, fiberglass, steel, plastic, wood, and glass. Water ... more

  • Part Number: 3M-8001

    Super weatherstrip adhesive (amber), 5 oz. tube. Fast setting, high bond-strength adhesive for bonding rubber and vinyl weatherstrip ... more

  • Part Number: C-9

    Clear silicone adhesive sealant for windows and seams. Bonds glass, wood, metal, rubber, plastic, vinyl, etc.