SaltDogg Salt Spreader Parts

SaltDogg Salt Spreader Parts

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Mill Supply carries a variety of SaltDogg salt spreaders. Whether you just need to salt your own driveway or if you're a snow and ice removal company with hundreds of accounts, we can help you. We can get you started with a brand new salt spreader of any size or we can get your current spreader up and running with the right parts so you don't miss a storm.


SaltDogg spreaders are very reliable and cost effective for anyone looking to manage ice this winter. We carry the full line of SaltDogg salt spreaders; tailgate salt spreaders, pickup bed salt spreaders, dump truck salt spreaders, liquid spray systems and walk behind salt spreaders. Our tailgate spreaders are very popular with customers who do their own driveways and/or a few other driveways. The SaltDogg 1.5 and 2.0 cubic yard spreaders are popular for commercial uses and mounts directly into the bed of your truck.

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