Meyer E-60 & E-60H Pump Parts

Meyer E-60 & E-60H Pump Parts

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Complete E60 and E60H pumps are no longer available. All these units are now replaced with a genuine E58H Electro Lift Power Unit from Meyer. Mill Supply carries all the replacement parts for the E60 and E60H units. Parts include: double stud motor (OEM# 15481), brush kit, motor mounting plate, pump shaft seal, O-rings, cylinder, studs, A, B, and C coil assemblies master and crossover seal kits, filters, ram packing cup, spacers and much more. We also have an External Adjustment Kit - This kit allows you to adjust the lowering of your E60 plow, lock it, and leave it adjusted correctly without the worry of it changing. Over time (sometimes weekly) the factory adjustment screw will turn by itself making your plow float or drop quickly. Then you have to guess where the factory screw needs to be, adjust it, reassemble and try again (sometimes many times before you get it right) just to have it happen all over again a week later. Our kit replaces the factory screw with an external adjustment (no guess work) then locks into position. Saves aggravation and time.



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