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EZ Mount Plus MDII Lift Mounting Cartons Meyer Snow Plows

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Ideal for both personal and professional use, EZ-Mount Plus makes it easy to turn your work truck into your everyday truck, thanks to its one-part system. The lift frame, lights, hydraulic power system and moldboard are combined as one unit. The EZ-Mount Plus features a low-profile mounting system that virtually hides the mount, leaving your truck with a clean appearance. It also includes an adjustable screw jack that allows you to adjust the plow to the truck for maximum flexibility when storing the plow on uneven or soft ground. Simply pull two pins, back up and you're on your way. EZ-Mount Plus features better overall weight distribution and improved vehicle handling, because it places the weight of the snowplow closer to the vehicle's front axle. Maintenance is also easy. Quick-disconnect hydraulic couplers simplify general maintenance, servicing and changing hydraulic oil.


This plow is available as an all steel plow with a steel moldboard or the Meyer Max plow which uses a polyethylene moldboard. Each has their advantages.



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