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Battery Cables Solenoid Meyer Snow Plows

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There are two ways to hook up battery cables for the Meyer plow; quick disconnect and hard wired. If you leave your plow on for the season then hard wiring is the least expensive way to go. The positive wire, usually red in color, goes from the battery to the motor solenoid. The negative wire (black) extends from the battery to the ground on the pump assembly. The other heavy-duty wire sits between the motor solenoid and the pump assembly motor. The two longer cables are 60" and the shorter cable is 22" in length.


Quick disconnect cables are by far the easiest to use and are made for the plowers that remove their plows more often. A short double cable that mounts to the pump assembly extends only a foot and includes a female/male plug insert. The red and black cables running from the battery have the opposite connectors to eliminate incorrect connections. Mill Supply also carries quick disconnect kits. Kits are available for single ground or double ground units. Each kit includes: a 36" red power cable, double cable plug assembly, a 63" red power cable and a 42" black ground cable.




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