Parts for Meyer Snow Plows

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Meyer is one of the leading snowplow manufacturers. Mill Supply carries Meyer snowplow parts for all their snowplows, including cutting edges, trip springs, hoses, A-frames, connecting pins, couplers, cables and more. We realize when your snowplow breaks, you need parts fast, and therefore we carry a large inventory and provide same day shipping. You’ll get good prices, large selection and superior service all in one stop.

Meyer's Polyethylene Plows

Meyer Max Moldboards are constructed of a one-piece sheet of high molecular weight Polyethylene. The polyethylene is a very slippery surface and can be realized in measurable fuel savings, less wear and tear on your vehicle along with excellent snow rolling action in all type of snow conditions. The reduced friction also results in a longer wear life, and due to the structural characteristics of polyethylene, even if the surface eventually wears a little, there is no loss of slipperiness. Polyethylene is tougher than steel, will never rust, and remains strong in temperatures as low as 100 degrees below zero.

Meyer's Steel Plows

Steel has been used to manufacture snowplows since the early 1920s. To this day steel is the tried and true material in constructing snowplow moldboards. All Meyer steel snowplows are covered in Meyer's Sno-Flo Powder Coat Finish. It is the finest available for steel snowplow components. This state-of-the-art powder coat paint is applied to moldboards, lift frames, mounting components, sectors and A-frames which produces a durable high gloss enamel-like finish. The Meyer Sno-Flo finish not only keeps your plow looking good but also improves snow-rolling action. The steel plow is less expensive than the poly plows.

Mill Supply offers the Meyer 'EZ Mount Plus.

Ideal for both personal and professional use, Meyer EZ-Mount Plus makes it easy to turn your work truck into your everyday truck, thanks to its one-part system. The lift frame, lights, hydraulic power system and moldboard are combined as one unit. Meyer's EZ-Mount Plus features a low-profile mounting system that virtually hides the mount, leaving your truck with a clean appearance. It also includes an adjustable screw jack that allows you to adjust the plow to the truck for maximum flexibility when storing the plow on uneven or soft ground. Simply pull two pins, back up and you're on your way. Meyer EZ-Mount Plus features better overall weight distribution and improved vehicle handling, because it places the weight of the snowplow closer to the vehicle's front axle. Maintenance is also easy. Quick-disconnect hydraulic couplers simplify general maintenance, servicing and changing hydraulic oil.



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