Fisher Rubber Cutting Edges

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Rubber Edges are ideal for slushy wet parking lots. Made of extremely durable rubber, our rubber edges act as a squeegee to do a superior cleanup job. Mill Supply stocks a variety of sizes for the Meyer and Western plow but can make custom order edges for any plow in a relatively short time of under two weeks. Rubber edges are reversible for extra long use and use slotted holes. The slotted holes allow you to adjust your rubber cutting edge as it wears. Your original steel cutting edge is inverted and mounted to act as a large washer to keep your new rubber cutting edge in place. Rubber cutting edges less than 72 inches in length are 6 inches tall by 1 inch thick. Larger cutting edges measure from 8 to 12 inches tall and are 1 ½ inches thick. New mounting hardware, containing longer bolts with nuts is included with each rubber cutting edge.



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