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Trying to find that 11 pin repair plug or the headlight relay for your Boss Plow? Check out our web site now. The repair plugs came in 11 pin and 13 pin and are sold separately depending on whether you need the vehicle side or the plow side. The RT2 Standard Plows and the Smart Hitch Straight Blade and V-Plow used the 11 pin plug. OE numbers were MSC03751 and MSC03752. If you have the newer Smart Hitch 2 set up you now have a 13 pin plug. OE numbers MSC04753 and MSC04754. If you are looking for 90" power/ground cable or the cable that connects the solenoid, we've got it. Plus we carry the headlight relay for the Smart Hitch 2, OE no. MSC04294.

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