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Mill Supply carries Boss Snow Plow Parts for all of your plow repair needs. Mill Supply carries parts for the Standard-Duty and the Super-Duty Boss Plows. Here is what they say about their plows: They rate their plow with long-lasting standard-duty and super-duty steel with baked-on powder-coat paint finish with exclusive zinc primer that helps resist corrosion while keeping your plow looking great. Plus they have the option of a super-slick polyethylene moldboard that makes pushing snow easier. Their Standard and Super-Duty snowplows have the strength and reliability to get the biggest jobs done. Constructed from formed angle and tube steel, the plows feature a heavy-duty push frame for ultra durability, a formed bottom channel to add toughness and minimize blade twisting and a shock absorber that stabilizes the trip going forward and cushions the trip return.

Unlike other snow plow manufacturers whose wiring harnesses and hitch systems are restricted to operating just one type of plow (straight blade or multi-position), The Boss universal attachment system and wiring harness allows you to operate any Boss straight blade or Power-V plow with the same truck by simply changing the control. (This excludes Sport Duty plows). The Smart Hitch 2 is claimed by them to be the fastest, simplest attachment system you can buy whether you have a straight blade.

Mill Supply carries blade guides, controllers and switches, cutting edges, cylinders, cylinder seals and shocks, electrical plugs and cords, hydraulic hoses, fittings and fluid, hydraulic power unit and valve assembly parts, pins, washers, springs and eyebolts, kickstands and shoe assemblies. All of our part numbers have the OEM manufacturers number listed to assist in ordering the correct parts. Illustrations are clearly shown on most every part listed.



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