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Snow Plow Parts for Blizzard Plows

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At the touch of a button, many of the BLIZZARD snowplows hydraulically expand its moldboard width. Plows can be ordered for a variety of vehicles for a variety of jobs. The unique feature with Blizzard is the independently controlled wings that transform to perfectly match every condition, delivering time-saving performance at every jobsite. Wings are hydraulically adjustable that instantly change your standard 8-foot plow into a 10-foot plow all from inside your cab. Specific design models automatically adjust wing-angle for the most maximum efficient plowing. Unique in every way the Blizzard plow has come up with new technology in the plowing industry.

Mill Supply is starting to carry some of the replacement parts that fit Blizzard plows. Beginning in 2010 we have added cutting edges, cylinders, hoses and a trip spring. Cutting edge lengths we carry are 89", 90", 94-1/2", 96" and 102". We also carry thickness of 3/8" (lighter duty), 1/2" and 5/8" (super heavy duty). The cylinders we list are for power angling, lift, and the long power side box cylinders. Hoses measure from 15" to 36" in length.



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