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Rear Wheel Arch Area for 03-06 Sprinter Van

Part Number: 285-03-51

Price: $54.40

In Stock, Ready to Ship!

Rear wheel arch area - LH or RH - Measurement: 42" x 28" x 1" for 03-06 Sprinter Van

Years this part fits: 03-06

Estimated Shipping Dimensions: 42" x 28" x 5"

Weight: 7.00 lbs


A quarter panel is a body repair panel that fits around the rear wheel of a car or truck from the back of the door all the way to the back of the vehicle. Mill Supply carries a variety of choices for the rear quarter area. Many of our panels repair just the rusted area above the rear wheel arch or around it completely. Other choices may be from behind the wheel to the bumper or in front of the wheel to the door. These smaller panels are only available in the aftermarket and are easier to work with when fixing the common rusted areas.

We also offer full quarter skins that cover from the door to the bumper. This type can be used for rust repair or collision work. In addition, there are quarters that are like the original OE style. The OE style quarter panels are replicas of the auto manufacturer's and go up the roof line and fold into the trunk area. Whatever your needs are, you can count on Mill Supply to have the right panel for the job you are working on.

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