Plow Pump Rebuild Request

We offer snow plow pump rebuilding for Meyer and select Western plows. We currently offer service for Meyer E47, E46, E60, E57, and E58H as well as Western cable operated and Unimount units. If you have a Diamond or Fisher unit that needs work, please mark other below and we will be in contact with you before you ship your pump. Your unit will be disassembled, all seals replaced, filled with fresh fluid, and put on a test bench to verify all functions and set pressure.

Average costs are:

  • Labor: $110
  • Parts & fluid: Meyer average: $45 | Western Average: $100-$150
  • Return Shipping: $30

If your pump is more "well used" (Broken, leaking or well worn parts) than average, your pump may require more parts to fully rebuild it. Should your pump require an extensive rebuild, we will contact you with a quote before performing any work. If you decide the repairs are too costly, you are still responsible for the cost of return shipping of your pump. Please fill out our order form below to include with your pump when you ship it to us!

You can always give us a call at 800-888-5072!



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