Plastic Surge Tank for Freightliner Radiator

Part Number: 85-093

Price: $190.54

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Plastic surge tank used with our 80886 radiator for the Freightliner. We include a new sensor and O-Ring with this new tank. 

Dimensions:  17"L x 10"D x 6"H

PLEASE NOTE: We now included a new sensor and O-ring with this plastic surge tank. Please use this new sensor since the threads can be stripped easily if the old sensor is forced.

This tank came in two model with the only difference being the sensor threaded port. The older style tank has a slightly smaller thread and uses our sensor number 80865. The newer tanks (which look exactly like the old tank) use a sensor with an O-Ring and the threads are larger, our part number is 80879. We include this newer sensor and O-ring with the tank.

OEM Number: 1010103

Estimated Shipping Dimensions: 22" x 14" x 7"

Weight: 5.41 lbs