Deluxe Black Manual Mirror Assembly for 96" Body - Velvac 715449

Part Number: 715449

Price: $467.73

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Velvac 715449. Left and Right Manual Mirror assembly with deluxe mirror heads. Fits 96" body width on 2003-On Ford E-Series Vans. Black in color.

These mirror assemblies feature the original appearance and unique pivot design which allows the mirror to rotate safely 80 degrees forward or rearward if impacted or when manually pivoting the mirror for tight spaces. This new mirror replaces the original equipment mirrors and installs in existing mounting pockets using factory mounting holes.

Top Glass: Manual
Bottom Glass: Manual

Replacement Parts:

Replacement Drivers Side Mirror Assembly, 715451

Replacement Passenger Side Mirror Assembly, 715450

Replacement Passenger Side Deluxe Mirror Head Manual Flat & Convex Glass, 714580

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Replacement Passenger Side Deluxe Mirror Head Heated & Remote Flat Glass, Heated Convex Glass, 714582

Replacement Drivers Side Deluxe Mirror Head Heated & Remote Flat Glass, Heated Convex Glass, 714581

Replacement Pass Side Deluxe Mirror Head Heated & Remote Flat Glass with Signal Arrow, 716974

Replacement Drivers Side Deluxe Mirror Head Heated & Remote Flat Glass with Signal Arrow, 716973

Replacement Upper Flat Glass for Heated & Non-Heated Heads, fits Driver or Pass. Side 709448

Replacement Bottom Convex Glass, 709449

Lower Convex Repair Kit with Glass, 709589

Most cutaway van and cab chassis OE mirrors are not designed for body widths that extend beyond 96 and 102 inches. Misuse of these narrow OE mirrors leads to obstructed views and dangerous blind spots and may not fully meet all DOT mirror requirements based on these applications. Be confident that your wide body vehicle meets or exceeds FMVSS 111 requirements for Rear View Mirrors.

Velvac's 2020 Series mirrors can help to reduce blind spots and provide visibility of multiple passing lanes around the vehicle leading to better driving decisions and the reduction of costly accidents.

Velvac Offers the Right Mirror for Your Vehicle, the 2020 mirror series provides the options required for wide body applications such as high cube cutaway vans, rental trucks, Class C RVs and ambulances. The fixed length arms are designed to position the mirror beyond the body, providing the driver with an unobstructed view of blind spots and passing lanes around the vehicle.These versatile mirrors are available in several body widths and finishes, as well as manual or heated remote glass.

OEM Numbers:
  • 715449


For over 40 years, we have been proud to offer Velvac mirrors for stepvans, RVs, and medium duty trucks. Velvac manufactures mirrors with the aim to keep drivers safe while on the road. To do that, they have been making some of the highest quality commercial vehicle mirrors and have been selling directly to the OEM market since 1956. Velvac mirrors are known for excellence in viewing the blind spots and other areas around your vehicle incorporating the clearest view while driving. If your current mirrors need replacing or if you are just not seeing what you should be around your vehicle then we want you to know, for the best replacement mirrors, you can count on Velvac.

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