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Dual Head Mirrors

Velvac mirror heads are well known on step van vehicles. The most popular Velvac wide angle system uses a two head system with a 10" x 6.5" flat glass upper mirror head and a 6" x 6-1/2" convex glass head below. Velvac mirror systems are used on Grumman/Morgan Olson, Kurbmaster, Route Star, and the Fedex Ground trucks; Utilimaster; Union City Body, Classic, Step Van, and Value Van; and the Supreme Body.

West Coast Mirrors

Mill Supply also carries West Coast style mirrors for larger pickup trucks, step van type vehicles and semi tractor trailers. West Coast mirror heads are usually 7" wide x 16" tall. West Coast mirrors are available in stainless steel, painted steel (black or white), or aluminum. Aluminum mirror come with or without yellow chevrons, popularly used with Retrac mirror heads. Mill Supply also carries heated West Coast mirror heads with or without specific end plugs. Heated mirror heads with bullet type plug ends are available for International trucks. The heated mirror heads with flat plug ends are available for Navistar trucks.

Rear Cross View Mirrors

Rear Cross View Mirrors are designed to allow the driver to view dangerous blind spot areas around and behind the vehicle without leaving the vehicle. These assemblies show the area directly behind the vehicle viewing the bumper and approximately five feet back from the truck. Rear cross view mirrors reduce the potential for serious and costly backing accidents.



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