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Stepvan & Medium Duty Truck Lights

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Truck-Lite has the reputation for providing the highest quality lighting products and vehicle safety systems in the world. Mill Supply carries the complete line of Truck-Lite stop/tail lamps, marker lights, license lamps and reflectors to replace the original equipment on your stepvan. Truck-Lite Lighting replacement parts are manufactured by Truck-Lite in both North America and Europe. Mill Supply has complete replacement kits allowing you to restore and/or replace your worn or broken lighting fixtures. Never again fight with a broken, bent, corroded or defective lamps. Restore it today with Truck-Lite lamps and fixtures from Mill Supply where you can count on low prices and speedy delivery.

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) have become the new standard for long life, low current draw lighting. That is why Mill Supply proudly carries Maxxima LED lights. LEDs are electrically charged semi-conductor chips capable of emitting an intense output of light. LEDs produce light without relying upon a heated filament like their incandescent counterparts. This "Solid State" method of producing light eliminates filament failure, and ultimately translates into a much longer life! LED lights continue to gain popularity as more and more industry professionals recognize the benefits LED lights provide. Mill Supply carries top-of-the-line Maxxima LED lights.



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